At Greenfoot we want to be more then just eco-friendly.  Our vision is to create an industry model of ecological, social and economic sustainability.  So far it seems to be working incredibly well. The fact is, most people care, they just need a framework that allows them to act. 

What Greenfoot does for the Harvester

Chaga Maps: Finding chaga is work. These maps will help you find sustainable sources of chaga in your area.  With the help of these maps I can usually find 3 times more chaga per day. These maps also help you co-ordinate your harvesting with others so as to avoid re-harvesting an area.

Chaga Trade: Opening up the chaga market is work. One of the barriers to customer adoption is the inconvience of preparing chaga. It needs to simmer for quite a while.  Greenfoot produces a high quality, low cost extract that is simple and convenient for the customer to use. If you harvest and sell your own chaga then Greenfoot is willing to trade our chaga extract for your raw chaga and make it easier for you to market your harvest. Contact Greenfoot to learn more.

Supply Reliability: Creating a new chaga customer is work. Most people haven't even heard of chaga yet. Educating a new customer takes time. Nothing is more frustrating then when your customer starts buying from someone else because you weren't able to fulfill their order. As a Greenfoot Harvester you can buy chaga or chaga extract to supplement your supply when you have difficulty supplying an order. As a Greenfoot Harvester you have supply reliability.

Forest Stewardship: At Greenfoot we want to see more then just sustainable harvesting. In speaking with harvesters, I was moved to learn that many also feel passionate about improving the way our forests are managed. As a unified group we can make a difference.  As a Greenfoot Harvester you will also assure customers that your chaga is being harvested with responsibility and stewardship.     

Contact Greenfoot to learn more about these services.